Landon has represented large companies on a national scale such as The National Guard, GoDaddy, and many others. His experience as a spokesperson in the corporate world has taught him the right balance between class and edge, but more importantly, has shed a light on how the corporate world works, and how deals are made. Only 28 years old, Landon is still 10 years away from his statistical prime as a Professional Driver, but these next 5 years could be the most important years of Landon’s career. His success now will set him up for opportunities in the future to be a winner at the highest level of auto racing.

An Iowa boy, born and bred in the used car business, Landon has had racing in his blood from a very young age. From go karts at age 8 on up to full size racecars through his high school years, Landon chased the competition all over the US. A student of the sport in it’s purest form, he could build his cars, race them, wreck them, fix them, and go right back at it for the next weekend. If it really takes 10,000 hours of hard work to become an expert, he had that covered long before high school graduation. As a professional driver, Landon’s experience is not just limited to one job. He has worked with startup teams all the way to the very top. As the test driver for Hendrick Motorsports, Landon earned 4 Championship rings with the #48 team during their legendary dominance between 2007-2010. This period of time was one of the most formative and defining moments in Landon’s career. It was what gave Landon the inside look of how a championship organization operates, and laid the foundation for Landon’s leadership abilities as he blazes his own trail through the NASCAR ranks.


Born: July 7, 1989

Hometown: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Twitter: @landoncassill
Instagram: @landoncassill

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Birthday: November 3,1958

Hometown: Spanaway, WA

Former 1990 Daytona 500 Champion

Twitter: @dcoperacing

Instagram: @Derrike Cope

Facebook: Derrike Cope

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ADDRESS: 61 East Willow Street Millburn, NJ 07041
CONTACT: Ashley-Marie Monica, Team Adviser

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